Abundant Water Visits Ban Sor School

Abundant Water pays a visit to Ban Sor School to check in on their water filters.

Ban sor.PNG

The Abundant Water team went out to the field last week with Deseret International Charities (DIC), a non-profit organisation that has been operating in Laos for over 20 years. DIC works in the following areas: Wheelchair funding and distribution, Neo-natal resuscitation, Vision care, Water supply and hygiene, Education and English language training. Our joint field trip included visits to several schools and marks the start of a new partnership opportunity between DIC and AW!

Interestingly, we have already worked “together” to provide drinking water to Ban Sor School in Vientiane Capital. DIC originally built a well in 2014 and in a separate project AW then provided a water hut at the same school in 2016.

While visiting the school, the director explained the pump for the well had recently stopped working about one month before so unfortunately the filters (which are dependent on the well as a water source) had not been used over that time, but he added that they have been very happy and proud to use the Abundant Water filters. The water hut is usually open every day to the students, where they go to fill up their own bottle or cup. In addition, hygiene practices are taught at the school as well.

We also went to two other schools where DIC has been operating in the recent past. DIC spent time checking on the operation of their installations, while the Abundant Water team spoke with local teachers about their potential interest in using AW filters in the future. One school expressed interest in using filters at their school, and based off of how well maintained the school grounds and the DIC well installation looked, the school seems to be really promising!