WASH futures conference 2018 tackles scalable and sustainable safe drinking water

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How do you create sustainable and scalable WASH solutions? That was the question CEO Sunny Forsyth and outgoing Program Manager Rob Stroud tackled in their presentation to the WASH futures conference from 5-9 March. 

Rob and Sunny highlighted Abundant Water's approach for providing practical solutions for the common good when it comes to access to clean water. They spoke about the importance of an intersection of social, business, and design skills when creating innovative solutions to take to scale and the need to engage with the complexity of problems and 'design to fail' to come up with continual improvements through an iterative process.

Abundant Water is proud to be at the forefront of social business solutions to the complex problems of unsafe drinking water. Our clay water filter and sustainable and scalable water filter vendor training model are at the cutting edge of the future direction of this sector.

We look forward to coming back and meeting with our peers in 2019!

You can view and listen to Abundant Water's presentation at the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/opq5vs63zsd12vm/E2_Sunny%20Forsyth.pdf?dl=0