Abundant Water Field Visit to Atauro Island


The Abundant Water team and Fokupers recently undertook a the field visit to Atauro Island. The trip was an opportunity to hold a workshop for the local community about the Fokupers Program and share the benefits of Abundant Water’s ceramic water filter system.

The Abundant Water Team was represented by Nico who shared information about Abundant Water’s system and the potential benefits it could have for the local community.

In a promising sign for the future during the presentation most of the participants were excited to drink try the water filtered through Abundant Water’s system. Many said they were keen to purchase filters when they become available.

This was a good opportunity for the Abundant Water team to build trust and relationships with local leaders and teachers. It was great to enjoy such a promising reception from these community leaders as a core part of Abundant Water’s approach is to work with communities from day one.

As well as engaging with the local community, the Abundant Water team had a great opportunity to meet with Fokupers Women Group which will form a crucial part of the vendor network to help distribute our filters into the community. Fokupers vendors will not only help deliver clean water into the Atauro Island community but also be part of a self-sustaining social business with filter sales delivering a profit to Fokupers. There is a high level of anticipation in Fokupers and Abundant Water looks forward to continuing this partnership long into the future especially given many of the women already run their own businesses, including Kios, Home Stay, and Sewing.

Atauro Island promises to be an excellent opportunity for Abundant Water and Fokupers to deliver clean water to local communities.