Abundant Water Builds Capacity and Delivers Clean Water to Kham and Nonghet Districts


While Abundant Water continues to grow its presence in Timor-Leste our team in Laos ably led by Keith keeps going from strength to strength.

On top of the 100 village partnership with Caritas Luxembourg Abundant Water is also occasionally called upon to help deliver assistance to communities in urgent need. During the wet season late last year our team on the ground in Laos was faced with such a situation.

Our partner, Caritas Luxembourg in Laos, was contacted by the Xieng Khouang province officials requesting support for two communities that experienced heavy flooding and landslides in August in the form of AW water filters.

Sadly several homes and the schools in both villages were destroyed or severely damaged in the flooding and this substantially impacted the infrastructure of the villages.

An AW team led a 1-day training in Phonsavan, the capital of Xieng Khouang, with 4 district officials (2 from Kham district, 2 from Nonghet district). AW then supported those local government officials in a community WASH training and the installation of 78 AW filters (46 filters for 46 families in Keohua village, Kham district and 32 filters for 30 families and 2 filters for the school).

This project saw Abundant Water not only deliver assistance in the form of our water filters but also included capacity building of local officials. This will ensure that these communities are better placed to help themselves next time the rains come. We are so proud of our team in Laos who are taking huge strides in our planned project work as well as responding to urgent developments like this one.