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As Canberra-based NGO Abundant Water enjoys its tenth year of operations, it has clinched its most significant partnership to date in Laos.

Abundant Water can today announce that we will be undertaking a 'Partnership for Community Health in Xiangkhouang Province, Laos', with Caritas Luxembourg, funded by the European Union. Abundant Water and Caritas will also work with a number of government departments and civil-society organisations to deliver this project.

Over two years, the partnership will deliver safe and sustainable water to 100 villages across Xiangkhouang Province in the districts of Khoun, Phokout and Mok. Abundant Water estimates this partnership will provide over 3,500 water filters for thousands of families and children across the Province.  

Initially, we will install 1,800 filters. Each village will receive 15 filters distributed to the poorest households. We will also be installing a further three additional filters in public spaces like schools, health clinics, and meeting areas. This will ensure all members of the community benefit from safe and sustainable drinking water.

As part of the project, at least 20 sales agents will receive WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and social business training. Based on previous projects, we expect that these agents will be empowered to provide filters to their communities long into the future. This will ensure that villages across Xiangkhouang Province will have the capability to sustainably maintain safe water supply.

The organisations involved in the project include: 

  • Caritas Luxembourg;
  • Lao Women's Union;
  • Nam Saat (a program placed under the Department of Hygiene in the Ministry of Public Health in Laos, responsible for development of water supply and sanitation in rural areas);
  • Lao Health Office; and
  • Association for Preservation of Environment and Development of Community.

This is the biggest project we have undertaken both in scope and impact. We are excited by the prospect of delivering safe, clean and sustainable water security to thousands more families in Laos.

We are going to hit the ground running, so if you want to keep up with our progress as we deliver this project please subscribe to our newsletter at our website today.

Thank you for your ongoing support.