Abundant Water at EARTH Talks: Clean Water Solutions for Rural Laos


Program Manager Keith Wingeard recently delivered the latest instalment of ‘Earth Talks’, presenting on global water issues and Abundant Water’s work in Laos.

Earth Bar aims to raise awareness on important social issues and bring together the Vientiane community and its Earth Talks and live music shows are a prominent feature of Vientiane’s social calendar.

Keith presented to a room of guests, outlining global water issues and the difficulties rural populations in Lao PDR face in ensuring access to clean water. Social business was a central theme of the talk, as Keith outlined its merits in promoting scalability, sustainability and local ownership.

The production process of the ceramic filter was also outlined and its filtration was demonstrated to the audience. A number of individuals posed questions after the presentation and many stayed behind for more information about Abundant Water’s program.

Collaboration is a core value for our organisation and this event helped highlight its importance. We are always looking for partners who can help us increase our impact and spread our program and this event was a great chance for us to raise awareness of important water-related issues in Laos. These connections are the building blocks of our organisation and we realise our goal would be impossible without them.

Abundant Water would also like to thank David Jessop and the rest of the Earth Bar team for organising the event. Proceeds from the night will help fund Earth’s organic farm project and support Abundant Water’s ongoing work in Laos. Given Earth Bar’s focus on environmental sustainability and community building, Abundant Water is grateful it could support their work.