Abundant Water & Caritas Get Filters to Flood Affected Communities: Meet Mr. Mouane

Mr. Mouane.JPG

This years’ wet season has been particularly bad, with flooding affecting several regions of Laos. Many villages in Mok District were hit particularly hard with landslides obstructing roads and flooding washing out and destroying bridges.  Under our partnership with Caritas Luxembourg Abundant Water recently visited the district.  

During the visit Abundant Water was able to provide free filters to 9 families in Yourkmoon village whose houses were destroyed by a landslide in August.

Among the families provided water filters was Mr. Mouane, whose family had to move into temporary accommodation after his house was destroyed.

 Mr. Mouane said he is ‘thankful because his family doesn’t have to worry about their health or spend unnecessary time collecting firewood. They are now able to collect water locally from rivers, without worrying about water contamination.’

Mr. Mouane lives with in a house of 9 people, with two children and his extended family all of whom will now have safe access to clean drinking water.  

We are inspired by these sorts of stories and are grateful for the opportunity to share our water filters with thousands of people just like Mr. Mouane and his family. We thank Caritas Luxembourg for the ongoing partnership which is delivering an immediate and lasting positive impact on communities across Xieng Khouang province.