Meet the Muntavong's


Abundant Water program manager Keith Wingeard has led a successful field visit to villages in Phoukout District of Xiengkhouang. The Abundant Water team visited Yaiy, Bungmanh, Nongkang, Nakhouan and Soui-Nongtang villages.

In total, 75 free filters were installed in 75 households with an additional 19 filters that were sold to interested families. In total this visit alone free filters will reach 841 people.

Ms. Sampon Muntavong is a 52 year old local from Nongkang Village. Ms. Muntavong lives with her 4 nephews and 2 children and her family work in the fields growing peanuts and rice and raising livestock.

She told our team that she is grateful for the filter as it now means that her and her family will be healthy and won’t get sick as often. Additionally, while the rest of her family are away working in the fields, she won’t have to worry or struggle in order to get clean water for herself.

We are really excited to bring clean and sustainable drinking water to Ms. Muntavong, her family and her village!