Abundant Water and Save the Children bring clean water and sanitation to rural communities in Laos


Abundant Water (AW) has recently established collaboration with Save the Children (StC) on the USAID Nurture project, an integrated nutrition, sanitation and hygiene project led by StC. Abundant Water was asked by StC to increase clean water access by promoting our water filter technology in local villages.

The StC project model conducts selection and training of local agents (field staff) to promote and sell latrines and water filters in their own and neighbouring communities.

The agents AW and StC are working with are community members that have been pre-selected by local authorities to be interviewed by StC and provincial water management staff in order to assess their willingness and ability to be a successful field agent. In each district, 5-10 agents are chosen to cover local villages. During the training workshops run by StC, field agents build their understanding of the business model, health impacts and benefits of AW's water filter technology in order to be able to best promote this to local families during door to door selling or community events. After completing this training, agents travel to targeted communities in pairs where they promote and sell latrines and water filters. Field agents make a small profit out of each sale, helping to improve the health and well-being of their community while also increasing their family’s income.

This project is a significant step for Abundant Water. As Program Manager Keith Wingeard said:

“The opportunity for Abundant Water to work together with Save the Children in Khammouan province has demonstrated the value in collaborating with a range of partners in supporting local communities to work toward expanding access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation"

"Our joint training program works directly with local community members and focuses on the immediate benefits that come from AW’s water filters and improved sanitation through modern latrines. With a marketing and social business approach, and with support from local health and water management officials, our Abundant Water and Save the Children partnership enables these community members to take the lead in bringing clean water and improved sanitation to their own communities.”